Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Disputes are never easy to resolve and from time to time, it may become necessary to file a lawsuit. Civil lawsuits may be filed when you are involved in an accident which is someone else’s fault, when you have hired someone to complete a job and they have failed, or when there is a dispute regarding right-of-way or other easements.

Regardless of the reason behind the lawsuit, you need a skilled attorney who will work hard to help you present your case. We understand you would prefer to settle disputes outside of court but when there is no alternative, Bitterroot Valley residents can count on us for help.

We understand whenever possible, you would prefer not to have to file a lawsuit. We also know that having to respond to a lawsuit against you is frustrating. That is why we will take all the time necessary to make sure you understand your rights, and the possible outcomes.

We will work with you to understand the root of the problem you are facing. Then we will explain the possible outcomes of litigation. Finally, we will help you determine the best way to move forward.

Contact Markette & Chouinard P.C. if you need help in determining if a lawsuit is necessary, or if you have been told you are being sued.